Our Services

Noor ul Quran Academy has created virtual Quran courses to accommodate the needs of our Muslim community. You can now learn the holy Quran from the comfort of your own home at any time that is convenient for you. Our interactive online sessions are conducted through Zoom or Skype so you can participate from anywhere. This eliminates the need for regular visits to Islamic centers, making it easier for both children and women to learn Quran. Check out our course offerings and start learning with our Online Quran Tutors in the UK.
Noor ul Quran Academy offers various Quranic and Islamic courses to meet individual requirements. The Academy has highly skilled male and female Quran teachers who are fluent in English and provide step-by-step guidance to their students in learning tajweed Quran word by word. The Academy acknowledges that students have different learning capabilities, hence our Quran teachers work at a pace that suits each student's learning ability to ensure comprehensive recitation of the Quran is achieved.

Services offered by Noor ul Quran Academy

Learn fundamental principles of Islam

We have created several courses to aid our Muslim community in strengthening their faith and understanding the teachings of Islam and the commandments of Allah (SWT). You may select a course that piques your interest, enroll in online classes, and integrate Islamic principles into all aspects of your life.

Quran Reading ( Tajweed) Course

Our Online Quran Tutors in UK have developed a Quran reading course for children with no prior knowledge of reciting the holy Quran. The course covers the Noorani Quaida, and our experienced tutors guide them through each step, teaching the pronunciation of Arabic alphabets.

Memorizing Quran ( Hifz) Course

The Quran memorization course we offer has been created to cater to those who have a longing to memorize the holy Quran, but have been hindered by the lack of proficient tutors or inadequate guidance. With the assistance of our capable Quran teachers and online classes, they can now memorize the Quran word by word under strict supervision.

Courses of Quran for Children

Muslims are expected to recite the Holy Quran accurately. Noor ul Quran Academy provides different Quranic courses for children to ensure they can recite and understand the holy Quran. We offer interactive and personalized Quran learning classes to help your child recite the Quran fluently and comprehend its meaning.

Courses of Quran for Women

Females often encounter challenges when attending Islamic centers or mosques for Quranic education. To address this issue, Noor ul Quran Academy has created multiple Quran courses specifically for women. Additionally, female instructors have been arranged to make it easier for our Muslim sisters to learn Quranic teachings without leaving their homes.