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Noor ul Quran Academy is a self-sufficient organization managed by a small group of committed professionals. All individuals, regardless of their race, color, or caste, are welcome to learn the teachings of the holy Quran and the commandments of Islam. Our goal is to ensure that every Muslim comprehends and adheres to the fundamental principles of our religion, allowing us to become a better Ummah and creating a better world for everyone. Our Quran teaching process is easy to comprehend and well-planned, with the aim of teaching our students tajweed Quran word by word in a comprehensive manner. Every student is given equal attention to ensure that each one has an equitable opportunity to learn the holy Quran, regardless of their learning speed.
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Noor ul Quran Academy is an independent organization that assists individuals in learning the Quran. Our objectives include developing moral ethics among our students and teaching them about Islamic practices. Our expert Quran teachers offer innovative one-on-one sessions to help you become a better Muslim and adhere to the commandments of Islam. Our teachers are fluent in English and tailor the sessions to your learning needs. Our goal is to make the teachings of the Quran accessible to everyone through online sessions, from the comfort of their own homes, at a convenient time. E-learning is now widely accepted, and the success of online training depends on the proficiency of the teacher to keep their students engaged and focused. We hire qualified staff who are experts in their field and have experience teaching online.
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Noor ul Quran Academy acknowledges the challenges that Muslims face when trying to attend traditional Quranic classes in areas where Islam is not the dominant religion. Furthermore, each individual's daily routine for work, study, or family obligations can vary greatly. With these factors in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to developing online Quranic courses that are flexible and accessible. You are able to begin your Quranic education from the comfort of your own home, select a schedule that works best for you, and learn the holy Quran from the basics at your own pace. We strive to teach tajweed Quran word by word to all learners, regardless of their learning speed.
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Our Quran teaching methodology ensures that individuals of all levels are able to comprehend the material with ease.