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Our approach towards learning Quran ensures that it becomes comprehensible for people of all levels.

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Familiarizing yourself or your loved ones with the teachings of the holy Quran need not be a cumbersome task. Noor ul Quran Academy has devised an online registration process that is exceptionally easy to comprehend, which you can follow to enroll yourself or your children. Simply follow these steps to initiate the process.

To begin, select "Register Online".

Click the "Register Online" button to open the online registration tab. Fill in your basic information, including your name, address, and contact details. After you submit these credentials, your registration process will be finished.

Choose a time for your free trial.

Upon receiving your request for registration, we will get in touch with you to set a time as to when can you take your free trial class. In addition, we will guide you about our Quran teaching process and tell you a little bit about our organization.

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Initiate your Quran learning process by logging in with the credentials we provide you and start taking your first class with our Quran teachers.
Noor ul Quran Academy
Here are a few things to know about

Noor ul Quran Academy

Managed by a team of committed professionals, Noor ul Quran Academy is an autonomous organization that invites individuals of all races, colors, and castes to learn about the teachings of the holy Quran and the commandments of Islam. Our goal is to help every Muslim comprehend and adhere to the fundamental principles of our faith, thereby enabling us to become a better Ummah and create a more livable world for all.

Why Noor ul Quran Academy?

Noor ul Quran Academy teaches Muslims about the Quran and helps them live according to Islamic principles. They pride themselves on their work and strive to make their students good Muslims through a step-by-step teaching process that emphasizes proper Quranic pronunciation. The academy offers online classes, allowing students to learn from home at their own convenience and seek guidance from experienced teachers whenever necessary. Even if students are away on holiday, they can continue their daily lessons. The Quranic teachers are punctual and never miss a class. With these classes, students can begin reading the Quran fluently in no time.
proper Quranic pronunciation

Satisfied students and parents

My both children are learning Quran from this platform. Teachers are very dedicated and professional. I am very satisfied.

Iqra Hashmi
Shoukat Hayat

I was worried about Quranic knowledge of my son in UK. Noor ul Quran Academy solved my problem. Now Alhamdulillah my son is smoothly learning Quran.

Noor ul Quran Academy is the best platform to learn Quran. I strongly recommend Noor ul Quran Academy for Quranic knowledge of children as well as adults.

Danish Hassan

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Our approach towards learning Quran ensures that it becomes comprehensible for people of all levels.